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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Top Beef Jerky Recipes - Oven Baked beef jerky - Spicy beef jerky

The Top Beef Jerky Recipes
Two of the best and quickest recipes you can try at home!
When it comes to finding beef jerky recipes online there are plenty to choose from but they all differ. One thing you should be keeping in mine while you are looking for a recipe is the cooking time. For over half of the recipes you will find online you are going to need a dehydrator to dry out the beef first. The key is to simply read through the whole recipe (including cooking time, and ingredients needed) before deciding upon that specific one. These two recipes are great because they do not require you have any special tools (like a dehydrator) and have very low cooking times. With these beef jerky recipes you most likely have most of the ingredients already in your spice cabinet too!
Quick Oven Baked Beef Jerky
First off, a dehydrator is not needed for this recipe as you are simply baking it in the oven. It will take about 15 minutes to prep the beef and 4 to 4.5 hours to cook thoroughly. You are going to need the following ingredients to do fulfill this recipe:
ü  One Pound London Broil (trim off fat or buy without it) or any kind of top round steak
ü  ½ tsp onion powder
ü  ¼ cup liquid smoke - optional
ü  ½ tsp garlic powder
ü  1 to 1 ½ tsp Kosher salt
ü  ½ soy sauce (any brand you prefer)
ü  1 tsp ground black pepper (the fresher the better)
ü  ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce
ü  Plastic wrap
ü  Knife or meat cutter
1.      Take the plastic and wrap the beef and place in your freezer for 30 minutes to an hour, just make sure you do not freeze it rock hard
2.      Preheat your oven to 250 F
3.      After removing the beef, thinly slice it into strips about ¼ inch thick
4.      Take your garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, pepper, onion powder and liquid smoke (if you use it) and put it into a bag to mix it all together.
5.      Place the strips of beef into the bag with the peppers and sauces.
6.      After you drain all the air out of that bag, place it into your freezer for 12 hours – overnight is the best.
7.      Drain the beef strips and pat them dry with a paper towel after they have been in the bag overnight.
8.      Place the strips on a baking pan with a ½” in between them so that the air can circulate well while baking.
9.      Place them in the oven for 4 hours once they become very dry when you touch them
Once you let the strips air dry they will be ready for eating and with this being one of the easiest beef jerky recipes to try at home, they will taste even sweeter knowing you put effort into it.
Quick Spicy Beef Jerky (NOT for the weak)
If spice is your game then this is the beef jerky you should be making at home. This recipe is a lot like the one above but has a lot more kick to it and will require some tweaking on the ingredients and cooking time. You will only need about 3 hours for baking with this recipe but you will need to marinate the beef first. For this recipe you will need:
ü  ½ cup red wine vinegar
ü  2 pounds London Broil or steaks
ü  Knife or meat cutter
ü  1 cup dry red wine
ü  4 gloves of mashed garlic
ü  1 cup Worcestershire sauce
ü  1 jar of red chili sauce
ü  ½ cup soy sauce
ü  Ziplock/Sandwich bag
1.      Place the beef in the freezer (wrapped up) for about 30 minutes so it becomes easier to cut.
2.      Cut the beef into ¼” strips with a knife or meat cutter
3.      Place each strip in a glass or standard baking dish
4.      Add the wine, sauces, vinegar and garlic in with the beef strips
5.      Let the meat marinate in the refrigerator for about 4 hours
6.      After 4 hours, pat the strips dry with a paper towel and place them on a rack
7.      Preheat your oven to 175 F
8.      Place in the oven for 2 to 3 hours but be sure to watch because the last hour is when the beef can easily burn.
9.      Let it cool and then enjoy
Make sure you are properly storing your beef jerky with any recipe you use. The best item to use is a Tupperware container or something similar with a lock top.
There are all different kinds of beef jerky recipes you can try at home including many different flavors and preparation techniques. The more time and beef you have the more options you have. Typically each recipe calls for 1-2 pounds of beef but you can adjust the recipe to meet the amount of people you are trying to feed. Some of the other great options you have when it comes to making jerky at home are:
ü  Bigman’s Spicy Beef Jerky
ü  Organic Beef Jerky
ü  Teriyaki Beef Jerky
ü  Chili Beef Jerky
ü  Honey Smoked Beef Jerky
ü  Beer Marinated Beef Jerky
ü  Jack Daniel’s Beef Jerky
ü  Boston Pal Ale Beef Jerky
Hopefully some of these great beef jerky recipes will work out great for you and expose you to some new flavors of jerky out there. 

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