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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best Beef Jerky Reviews Beef Jerky Reviews and Resources

The Best Beef Jerky Reviews
Which of your favorite flavors and cooking styles made the cut?
There is no doubt that beef jerky is one of the most popular convenient store buys, but for others out there it goes much deeper than that. While some may only be used to seeing a few different flavors, the world of making beef jerky itself is a whole lot more complex. After some of the best beef jerky reviews have been placed on line it becomes easier to determine just which jerky is dominating over others.
The Flavors of Jerky
When it comes to picking out a flavor for your beef jerky, the sky is literally the limit. Some of the popular choices out today are teriyaki, jalapeno, barbecued, hickory smoked, honey glazed, Hawaiian, lemon pepper, Cajun, Tex Mex and chili flavored. Those flavors are just the general ones you find in the stores too so if you really want to get unique you should hit the internet. Online you can find retailers and individuals that make many more flavors or will even customize a batch of jerky if you have another flavor in mind that they do not offer. While the only beef jerky reviews seem to claim Teriyaki as the flavor champ, the choice is really up to you.
Beef Jerky Champions
There are so many beef jerky lovers out there that dozens of websites have been in operation for years that simply post beef jerky reviews and stories for other enthusiasts to read. Even though it can become like an Olympic sport chewing the jerky, you can now choose other options that are a bit easier on the jaw. Instead of getting the huge chunks of jerky, try to find the niblets or bite size jerky they have now started selling. If you are looking for some new beef jerky to try them here are some of 2012’s best rated jerky around:
1.      Mountain Maple (from Beer Drinkin’ Dan’s Beef Jerky): According to most of the online beef jerky reviews this is one of the best jerky to try for hunting, hiking, fishing or just a day out on the mountains. The pure maple taste mixed with the sweet, soy sauce flavor delivers one unique flavor. While the review ratings seem somewhat average, the reviews themselves deliver nothing but delicious words about this down home jerky.
2.      Smoked Buffalo (from Blue Ox Jerky): This delicious jerky is one of the company’s top three sellers and after reading the reviews you can see why. The robust, smoky flavor hits you right as you bite into it and continue on until the Buffalo flavor kicks in. This jerky is has more oil than other flavors or brands but that is a positive when it comes to chewing because it becomes a bit easier.
3.      Just Right Beef Sticks (from Willow Creek Jerky): Beef sticks have been a happy medium for jerky lovers out there for years. They do not require much chewing, can be eaten on the go easily and are very affordable. These sticks are low in calories and have a really nice smoky – tangy taste to them. Willow Creek is known for putting out winners in the beef jerky category so they are definitely worth the try if you are looking for something new.
4.      Bronx Pale Ale (from Slantshack Jerky): The Bronx Pale Ale has been popular on the East Coast for years and the geniuses at Slantstack Jerky decided to use that for a new flavor that is hitting the roof in the beef jerky reviews. Mixing the Pale Ale with a Tin Mustard the jerky company was able to accomplish a one of a kind taste that has people begging for more. Plus, Slantshack always uses 100% grass fed beef with all of their products.

Beef Jerky Resources
Whether you are researching beef jerky for personal or professional reasons, there is more information out there than you may know. Here you can find not only the best reviews but also, recipes, healthy jerky, jerky alternatives, coupons and more. However, if you can’t seem to find what you are looking for here there are several other blogs, websites and forums dedicated to the delicious beef jerky.
Now that you know the best flavors, brands and where to find them you may even be interested in knowing how to make your own beef jerky. Jerky is not hard to make and if beef isn’t your thing there are several other meat alternatives like turkey, wild boar or even duck jerky! Any living thing that has meat can pretty much be made into jerky with the right recipe.
For true beef jerky connoisseurs out there, a pretty penny will be paid for some high quality meat. This is why it is so important to read a few of these beef jerky reviews so you know which brands or flavors are worth it and which ones you may want to avoid. Reviews also describe the taste, texture and density of the jerky as well, which is something that words on the packages simply do not do.  You can go for the small, bite size teriyaki bites or even the full meat slabs of smoked beef because when it comes to jerky there is some out there for just about everyone. If you are looking for the best organic or even vegan jerky to try, there are several beef jerky reviews on them as well. 

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