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Friday, August 31, 2012

Beef Jerky: Tough or Chewy? What Beef Jerky Do You Prefer?

Beef Jerky: Tough or Chewy?
The Great Debate on which type of Beef Jerky is best
The days of huge, tough chunks of beef jerky are over with all the options we have around today. However, some consumers actually prefer their jerky to be tougher over the easier to choose options. When it comes down to it, which kind of beef jerky do you prefer?
Whether you call is seca, jerky or charque the yummy snack has been around for many, many centuries. On paper, beef jerky can be traced all the way back to the 1500s but since the process of jerky is so primal there is no doubt that jerky has been around for much longer than documentation can prove. The best beef jerky out there is based on many things but taste is one of the biggest factors. There are so many flavors like teriyaki, smoky, honey bbq, blackened pepper and jalapeno just to name a few. So if you seem to be in the middle of a tough VS chewy battle, then maybe you should read the defense for both sides.
People love jerky for all kinds of reasons but toughness was in the history of jerky for so long, that some just seem to think it is normal. The days of living on the range eating fresh jerky is a great picture to put in your head when you are eating the tough, standard jerky. You know this type of beef jerky is still popular by the amount of sales they have. I mean, the meat jerky industry brings in over a billion dollars a year so someone out there are still loving the tough jerky over the newer, chewier options.
Not everyone likes to join the Olympic sport of chewing beef jerky so they prefer something less tough or even in bite size or “niblete” form. The benefit to this type of beef jerky is pretty obvious because the better your jaw feels, the better you feel. Some of the best beef jerky on the market today is made in the chewy or less tough form so there is definitely a huge market out there. The point is if you want something that you can pop in your mouth and not have to chew for an hour, then the chewy or bite size beef jerky is probably the best option for you.
Chewy and Tough Alternatives
So what about those of you out there who need to find an alternative to beef jerky? Whether you are a vegan, or just prefer not to eat red meat there are a few other ways to enjoy jerky – without the beef. One of the most popular alternatives to beef jerky is turkey jerky. The preparation is the same but the taste is what separates the two snacks. One of the main reasons people seek out turkey jerky is not really for the nutritional difference but just because it is not red meat.
The soybean based “meat” known as Tofu has a taste you really do have to get used to. However, there are several brands of Tofu Jerky with beef flavoring inserted into the ingredients. For the vegans out there this is a great way to remember the days of beef jerky without any animals being harmed in the process. While you may not think this is the best beef jerky alternative you can also try different forms of beef jerky. Biltong is a different form of jerky that has larger sized chunks and made just a little differently. It was originally a survival snack in South Africa and has now become a treat for people all over the world. It is less sweet than the standard jerky in other countries but also has a little more salt that normal.
There are several ways to enjoy beef jerky: tough, chewy, flavorful, beef alternatives and even in big planks or small bite size pieces. It really doesn’t matter which way you like it because beef jerky is going to be around for even more centuries than it currently has on its belt. Just remember, that while tough beef jerky may require you to chew a little more, technically you are burning calories so it is kind of a win-win situation.
You can check out recipes, nutritional facts and even the best beef jerky products on the market now here so be sure to browse around. Who knows, you may find the best beef jerky for you right here. 

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