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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beef Jerky Alternatives AKA Turkey Jerky Tofu Jerky

Beef Jerky Alternatives
On the rise are beef jerky alternatives like turkey and organic jerky!
While beef jerky is loved by millions not everyone feels the same. From vegans to turkey lovers there are simply many people out there looking for beef jerky alternatives because in the end, everyone loves the general ideal of jerky! Jerky has been around for a long, long time and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. Since the mid-1500s humans have used all types of jerky for food, religious purposes, survival, and initiation ceremonies.
Even though alternatives to the snack weren’t sought after for quite some time after they are now very common. Regardless of your need for beef jerky alternatives there are plenty for you to choose from. If you are one of the thousands of people seeking an alternative to the traditionally, sodium filled beef jerky then you may want to check some of these out.
Turkey Jerky
There is no doubt that the most popular alternative to beef jerky is turkey jerky. The preparation is the same but the taste is what separates the two snacks. One of the main reasons people seek out turkey jerky is not really for the nutritional difference but just because it is not red meat. Quite a few people do not eat red meat in their diet so turkey jerky is a great option for them. However, when it comes to nutritional value the differences are not very significant. Beef and turkey jerky are neck in neck when it comes to calories, sodium, and iron so the deciding factor between beef and turkey will simply be taste and whether or not you want red meat or not. However, despite the insignificant differences it is still the most popular beef jerky alternatives out there.
Tofu Jerky
Yes even the vegans can enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of beef jerky; kind of. If you do not eat Tofu on a regular basis then I would definitely not recommend try out this alternative. The soybean based “meat” has a taste you really do have to get used to. However, there are several brands of Tofu Jerky with beef flavoring inserted into the ingredients. Whether or not the Tofu delivers that genuine taste or not will have to be up to you. This concept is still fairly new but it is one of the best beef jerky alternatives out there, especially for vegans.
All over South Africa a popular snack and cooking ingredient is Biltong. The main difference in standard beef jerky and Biltong is the size and texture. Typically beef jerky is cut into strips or even bite size, so it is easier to eat. However, Biltong is much bigger and resembles a small slab of meat. It is less sweet than the standard jerky in other countries but also has a little more salt that normal. This means Biltong would be a perfect companion to a nice cold beer. Even though this is one of the lesser known beef jerky alternatives it is still a great option.
Zu Beef Jerky
Zu jerky is an alternative coming straight out of Deutschland! While the concept of beef jerky is still fairly new to them, the ones who have had the taste just want more. There are few producers of the Zu Beef jerky but the reviews seem to be good on it. Plus, you can easily make it at home so while there may be few suppliers there are tons of recipes for this alternative.
No MSG Jerky
Most commercial beef jerky packages come with high sodium numbers and MSG. While some feel it necessary to add MSG for extra flavoring, it is actually an unhealthy ingredient to put into your body. A small dose of MSG isn’t going to kill you but some people who have been exposed to a lot of MSG have experienced things like chest pains, palpitations, nausea, vertigo and even vomiting. It is always a healthy choice to find beef jerky alternatives without added MSG, regardless of what else is in the bag.
So is beef jerky bad for you? Regardless of all the alternatives out there, standard beef jerky itself is not as unhealthy of a snack as most people think. Sure it hangs in gas stations next to the candy bars and fatty chips but some even consider jerky a super food. It is low in fat, great for a snack on the go and even people in the military use it in their survival packs. If it is good enough for the troops to depend on then it must be doing something right.
The jerky industry is pretty large, larger than most may think. The statistics include all meats including game, pork and poultry together but it still produces over a billion dollars a year. That means while these beef jerky alternatives are popular and easy to find, the real deal beef jerky seems to be selling hard to all of its loyal fans. Hopefully some of these alternatives will work for you, your family or whoever you are doing research for. The best part about these alternatives is that they give people who fell in love with the aged beef jerky enough to want to hold onto it within their diets. 

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